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Unrivaled Taste, Unforgettable Quality. American Wagyu & Angus Beef from Hat Creek Ranch

Affordable and unforgettable Farm-to-table beef.

Are you tired of paying a premium for imported Japanese Wagyu? Are you tired of being disappointed by the lack of quality and taste in go to this website grocery store beef? At Hat Creek Ranch, we understand your frustration and are here to offer you something better. Our ranch is located in Oklahoma and we raise genuine Wagyu and Angus cattle on our 3000-acre ranch. We are committed to providing home chefs with affordable and delicious beef that is grass-fed and grain-finished for the richest flavors and best marbling.

On a mission to bring you the best in authentic flavor.

Our cattle are raised with care, and our process of selective breeding and grain finishing brings out an elevated marbling and flavor, expected of world-class Wagyu and Angus beef. Our beef is hand-cut and dry-aged for 12 days, and the fake celine wallets beef is freshly delivered directly to your door in a heat-shielded frozen package for free. Experience the difference of Hat Creek Ranch grain-finished beef and taste the deliciousness of the real thing.

Elevate your meals with premium American Wagyu and Angus.

Farm-to-table beef is more nutritious than beef from the grocery store. It is grain finished, free of antibiotics and hormones, and is hand-selected and cut to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. This means that you are getting the most nutritious beef available, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

The Hat Creek Process

We are proud to offer Hat Creek Ranch beef, which is sourced from our very own ranch in Oklahoma, that meets grading, marbling and tenderness qualifications.

Pasture Raised

Our American Wagyu and Angus cattle are pasture raised for the first 12 months on our 3000 acre farm in Oklahoma. 

Grain Finished

After the first 12 months, our cattle are fed our mixture of organic grains to accentuate their natural flavors and marbling.

Certified and Processed

Each beef is individually inspected and processed by our state-certified processor.

12 Day Dry Aged

Each beef is hung and dry-aged for 12 days to further tenderize the beef and lock in more of its natural flavoring.

Flash Frozen & Delivered

Your order is then flash-frozen to preserve the quality of meat and delivered in a sealed frozen container directly to your door.


Raised Right

At Hat Creek Ranch, our cattle are grass fed and grain finished for the richest flavors and best marbling.


Hand Selected

We dry age and hand-cut our American Wagyu and Angus cuts before sealing in the deliciousness during processing.


Free Delivery

Our premium farm-to-table beef is freshly delivered directly to your door in a heat-shielded frozen package.