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Hat Creek - White

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After our dry-aging process, we lock in the flavor with our flash freezing process, and ship for free directly to your door.

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We stand behind our delicious beef, contact us if you are not 100% satisfied with your delivery, we're always here to help.

Unrivaled Taste,
Unforgettable Quality.

We create the best quality beef every season by constantly improving the health and quality of our herd. We utilize the best known practices in pasture management, planting strong grazing crops in the spring, summer, fall, and winter with very little supplemental feed.

Customer Reviews

What others are saying
Lucas Alvarez
Lucas Alvarez

That Wagyu is something else. I don’t think I’ve ever had that quality of beef before. I told all the salesmen at my work about it too. I will buy some more steaks and cook them on a grill at work for them here so they get to try it.

Kim and Steve Cupit
Kim and Steve Cupit

We just had a rib eye that I marinated in Greek Seasoning overnight. Wow! It was unbelievably good. Tender like you wouldn’t believe. Steve kept saying "man, this is good. Man, this is good"

Nick Askew
Nick Askew

You can't get this good of beef at the grocery store or your local butcher, and buying online is usually really expensive. This beef is incredibly tender and deep in flavor... the marbling is ridiculous, and you can taste the difference. I love buying American too, knowing where my food comes from is super important. Customer for life!


Raised Right

At Hat Creek Ranch, our cattle are grass fed and grain finished for the richest flavors and best marbling.


Hand Selected

We dry age and hand-cut our American Wagyu and Angus cuts before sealing in the deliciousness during processing.


Free Delivery

Our premium farm-to-table beef is freshly delivered directly to your door in a heat-shielded frozen package.